Are You Financially Stable?

One of the hardest things to do in this commercialize world is to be financially stable. Even with very substantial earnings people still would end up trying to make both ends meet. Perhaps this is the reason why stability in one’s financial situation is always compared to having the best physical, mental and emotional health. Both are very hard to achieve. However like having a good health, financial stability would only require the individual to stick to the right program in handling his or her finances.


Management and Control


Good management and control of your income and expenses is the best and only way for an individual to have a healthy financial stability. This statement can be summed up with one word and that word is Budget. Budgeting is the only way that will lead you to financial stability. Analyzing and thoroughly studying your monthly cash flow will bring you to a systematic approach on how to spend your cash. This is especially true for fixed income earners. You can always start by studying your spending needs and habits. Make a complete list of all of your expenditures and compare them to the income that you generate each month. The ideal result should be a surplus left with you after all expenses have been paid. A balance income and expense is acceptable but this is like walking on a tight rope. You need to study your expenses and find out where you can cut down on your spending.  If you need extra cash, avoid BORROWING Money from a MONEY LENDER and instead rummage through your old things. You may discover that you still have valued assets which you can sell or pawn.


Where does your Money Go?


Once you have put down on paper your final income and expense analysis, make sure that you know where your money goes. When you start spending, make sure you get a receipt for all your expenses. For those that can’t be covered with a receipt, write it down the amount spent on a piece of paper and keep it along with the other receipts. Remember that any amount that you can trim off your budget will always be a big help in the long run.

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Commonly Availed Loans

Applying for loan has become a way of life for most families today. For one reason or another, it seems that having a substantial earning is never enough to cover some of the family’s daily expenses. Because of this, BORROWING money by an individual from a financial institution (like a bank) or a MONEY LENDER has become a common occurrence today. There are various types of loan available in the market today and each one is supposed to be tailored fitted to the individuals that need them. However, study shows that there are four major types of loan that is commonly availed of by individuals today. These types of loans are PERSONAL LOAN, Mortgage, Automotive and Educational loans.


Personal Loans


Personal loans are those that are obtained from various financial institutions like banks, or credit union. This type of loan is usually availed of mostly by individuals and the most common reason for the loan is to cover an unexpected financial crisis. However, for some individuals, a personal loan is availed of as capital to a small business venture.


Mortgage Loan


Mortgage loan normally availed of to fund the purchase of a new home or to finance a major home repair of an individual. A mortgage loan can also refer to the property as being put up as collateral for a loan amount that will be used for other purposes by the borrower. This type of loan usually entail large sum of money and is usually long term. This is the reason why strict and specific requirements are demanded by the lender from the borrower even before the former would look at the latter’s application.  Mortgage loan is one of the hardest types of loan an individual can avail of.



Automotive and Educational Loan


The necessity of owning a car and the need for a better education for children have placed car and educational loans as one of the most availed of by many families today. Transportation and education today is never a luxury but more of an investment and this is primary the reason why most individuals would not even give a second thought of not BORROWING just to cover the need for this particular expense.

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Things to Consider Before Applying for Financial Loans

There are various reasons why an individual would go to the extent of BORROWING money. Most of the common reasons are an urgent and unexpected expense caused perhaps by medical needs or a sudden need to pay for the educational need of their children. But whatever the need is, there is always the responsibility of the borrower to analyze and study thoroughly on the pros and cons of immediately applying for a PERSONAL LOAN or for any other types of loan.


Repaying the Loan


The most important factor to consider before applying for a loan is to initially determine whether you can fully comply with the loan repayment terms. The main reason why debts of individuals get out of hand is because they do not make a full and thorough assessment of their current financial situation. Also, because of Credit cards impulse buying has become so common with average earners that it is usually late in the day that they realize they can no longer cope paying their credit liabilities. It is therefore important for individuals to put an importance in balancing your income and expenses.


Shop Around for the Best Deals


If indeed you need to file for a loan, make sure that you don’t grab the first offer that comes your way. Shop around for the best deal that you can get. Remember that because of the internet, it’s so easy to shop around for the best deals and these include financial institutions that offer various CREDIT. Make sure to consider repayment terms and interests which are the two most important factors when borrowing from a financial institution or any MONEY LENDER from the list of licensed lenders in singapore for that matter.



The Risks that you are taking


Prior to finally deciding to take out a loan, remember to always ask yourself these questions? First, “am I fully aware of the risks I am taking for borrowing this sizable sum of money and do I fully understand what I’m getting myself into?” Always remember that receiving the loan amount and spending the same is the easy part. Paying it back is the hard and treacherous part.

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Managing Your Finances

Statistic shows that many families today do not really know how to manage their personal finances. This is perhaps the main reason why most people apply for various types of loans to cover the deficit of their finances. According to statistics, mismanagement of personal finances is usually the major cause why most people file for personal bankruptcy.


Developing a Budget


The very first step that one should take when managing their finances is to plan and develop an efficient expense budget plan. This will help the individual fully analyze his finances and therefore find an ideal way to efficiently control his finances. Analyzing and controlling your financial situation will help an individual assess realistically on how much they earn and how much they can spend. This will make them see ways and means to reduce debts and thereby help lessen the want of BORROWING. Planning on how to spend your money against how much you earn is the key to good personal finance control.


Meet with your Creditors


If in the course of analyzing your financial situation, you discover that paying for current debts is the main cause of your financial dilemma; your best recourse therefore is to meet with your creditor to explain your financial situation. Put your cards on the table and explain your current financial problems. Ask if you can find a way to re-construct your debt to help you find some breathing room relative to your financial crisis. Most creditors will be more than willing to help you out with your debt because they know that they have more to lose if you are not able to repay what you owe them.




Finally….Managing your Loans


In more ways than one, it is usually the loans that put an individual into financial hot water. If you find success after meeting with your creditors, then your next step to is come up with a plan to efficiently manage and pay your existing PERSONAL LOAN or any other loans that you are liable to. Proper management of loans will easily help you pay all your existing financial liabilities.

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Different Types of Money Lenders

It is very common nowadays for individuals who need additional cash to try and look for other means and sources when BORROWING money. These people do not have to look far because today there are lenders in the financing realm that offers cash loans for specific purposes. It has been known that these types of lenders are also easy to deal with and ask very little requirements from their prospective borrowers. These lenders are quite unique and each has his own terms conditions depending on the need of the client. For these groups of lenders, there is a particular lender that will cater to a specific need. Today there are various types of lenders that exist in the financial market and the most common are those that belong to the real estate sector while the other is specific to businesses.


 Money Lenders to go to


If the loan that you need is to provide funding for a major home repair, you will need to go to a real estate money lender. In cases like this, the borrower must have a high valued asset such as the deed of title to his home which he will need to use as collateral to the lender. There is also a possibility that the lenders will accept any asset that is of value as long the value of the collateral is more than the amount of cash being borrowed by the individual. For Smaller and quick loans PAYDAY LOAN lenders are the people to go to. If you need some quick cash but salary is weeks away, the best and easiest person to see is the payday loan lenders. Remember however that this is a very, very short term loan and the usual practice is for the borrower to repay the loan as soon as he gets his salary. For people who would need loan with a sizable amount, the person to go to is the signature loans lender. However these types of lenders will ask much more rigid requirements from the borrower. They will probably ask for a more detailed account of your credit history including your latest credit score rating.

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